Sarah’s Story

I’m delighted to be able to share a really positive home birth experience after attending pregnancy yoga sessions with Rebecca. 

After a traumatic first labour, I was really keen to have a home birth second time around.

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my first trimester which made it even more important to be in tune with my body. I met Rebecca by chance walking our dogs and after my son excitedly told her I was having a baby, she explained she was a pregnancy yoga teacher and hypnobirth teacher.

I got in touch with her during my third trimester and began online sessions. It was great to have the time to focus on my body, breathing and meditation. We learnt lots of different techniques to focus our minds and prepare our bodies for birth. I really appreciated the special session Rebecca arranged for partners to attend as there were lots of ideas for ways they could support us.

After labour picture

I practiced my breathing every day and when I went into labour, I automatically used the techniques during surges. My labour progressed very quickly (too fast for pain relief!) and using yoga and breathing really supported me which enabled me to have a calm and controlled home birth, completely different to my first pregnancy!

I would highly recommend the classes. 


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