About Core Yoga

Image of Bec Thompson
Bec Thompson

Core Yoga is based in East Yorkshire and was founded by Rebecca Thompson, (often known as Bec), who is a qualified yoga teacher. Weekly classes are held around the East Coast of Yorkshire between Scarborough and Bridlington.

Bec had an interest in helping individuals enjoy yoga not just in their classes but in their daily lives too. In 2004 she started the business and it has grown into a very successful, well respected and a trusted way for many to learn the art of yoga.

In more recent years Yoga Retreats have also been a feature of Core Yoga and are now organised each year in various locations in the UK and abroad. In recent years Spain, Italy and Norfolk  have been very popular – booking early is always a must.

You can be assured that Bec has made sure that Core Yoga has all the policies and procedures to ensure that the business is compliant with all the regulations relating to personal data, privacy, safeguarding, finance, health and safety. These are all found here on the Core Yoga Policy page

Bec herself has been practising yoga since she was 16 years old and has experience with many different yoga disciplines which is reflected in the varied and the range unique style of classes that are offered through Core Yoga . There’s more information on Bec and how her own yoga journey began, and you can read more here.