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Post-natal Yoga courses run regularly at Be Yoga Studio, Scarborough, on Tuesdays at 1.30-2.30pm in person and online.

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Life for a new mum is extremely hectic, sleep patterns are interrupted, hormone’s are all out of balance, no time to yourself and a new body shape to contend with, it’s no wonder a new mum can feel like they are on an emotional roller coaster, again.  It is a time of joy, extreme happiness, elation, exhaustion and tears.

Yoga practice is very beneficial after pregnancy helping a new mum to gain strength and stamina, release built up tension and also giving mum some much needed ‘me’ time.  The postures will help to re-align your posture, relieve back pain and strengthen your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.  Breathing and relaxation techniques alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Babies are welcome in  Core Yoga postnatal yoga classes and we look at good practices of lifting and carrying baby, breathing techniques to help relax, especially when feeding baby and there is always time for chats and meeting other mums.


Can I bring my baby to postnatal yoga

Babies are very welcome at postnatal yoga and sometimes form the focus of our postures, breathing and relaxation. There are cushions for baby to lie on, but sometimes a little baby blanket from home helps to settle babies to a new environment.

Am I allowed to arrive earlier or later than 10 am?

Core Yoga understands that it is often difficult to arrive at a precise time, when you have a baby in tow. You are welcome to arrive anytime from 9.30am onwards, should you wish to feed baby, settle in, or simply have a private chat about your concerns before the class starts. If you find yourself running late, that is also fine. Simply get you and baby ready as discreetly as you can and join is the class when you are ready.  The yoga finishes about 11 am and then we have a drink, chat and cake til about 11.30am.

What do I need to bring?

All equipment is provided, but if you might like to bring a big blanket to for you and baby to snuggle into during relaxation.

How soon after the birth of my baby can I attend classes?

Much depends on your birthing and early motherhood experience. Some women feel ready to come to yoga after 2 weeks, some not till 3 months. Be reassured that the classes are safe for you regardless. You will be given specific help and instructions for your individual needs for example;  if you have had a caesarean, if you have suffered from perineal trauma, or if you suffered with PGP during pregnancy and are wishing to regain your pelvic stability. Be sure to discuss your needs at the beginning of the class.

I have never done yoga before, can I still come to postnatal yoga?

Prior knowledge or practice of yoga is not necessary for postnatal yoga. All breathing techniques and physical postures and relaxation will be explained to you fully. However if you have done yoga before, you will slip into these sessions with ease.

I can’t make one of the dates in the sessions, can I still attend and do I have to pay the full amount?

Postnatal yoga is run in blocks of 5 sessions and many of the techniques we do in class are progressive, and so you are encouraged to attend each class and as such refunds and reductions are not usually given. If you miss a week and are able to come a little earlier (9.30), or stay a little later after the next class, I can spend time going through what you have missed.

How much are the classes and how do I pay?

The classes are £40 for all 5 sessions

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