Restorative Practice


Classes run regularly on Mondays 11-12.00 and Fridays 5.30-6.30

Classes are held at:
Wheelwright House, Front Street, Burton Fleming, Driffield YO25 3PR

All equipment is provided.

What is Restorative Practice?

Discover the power of deep relaxation and the benefits of restoring health and wellbeing to the mind and body.

Using traditional yoga poses, but supporting the body with a variety of props including bolsters, blocks and blankets, the body is able to enter a deep relaxed and healing state. Once we are rested, we can revisit our lives with a new sense of wonder, eagerness and delight.

What people say after a restorative yoga class

I never thought I could feel so alive after a seemingly gentle practice

Having always struggled with inward focus, I feel as if I have spent the last hour in effortless deep meditation

Everyone should have the chance to experience the marvel of restorative yoga

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