Abigail’s story

Being pregnant in lockdown proved challenging and I was absolutely over the moon when I saw Rebecca was still hosting pregnancy yoga virtually. I knew the benefits of pregnancy yoga from attending during my first pregnancy and although I missed the face to face interaction, I think Rebecca created a wonderful space and community to be proud of.

Lockdown birth story

Neither of my births went to plan, I’m not sure many do, but in particular my second birth. I endured 10 and half hours of frequent and painful contractions alone in hospital due to the restrictions on birth partners. I was extremely scared but managed to use the breathing and relaxation techniques Rebecca had taught me to bring some sense of calm. I dread to think how much worse that could of been had I have not learnt these techniques. My labour ended in an emergency c-section with baby born in under 20 mins post the Doctor declaring the emergency.

I am so grateful to have had Rebecca’s guidance through those early weeks post partum too, c-section recovery is hard both physically and mentally and I owe a lot to Rebecca for guiding me on a safe recovery path.


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