What to expect in a Core Yoga Class

If you come along to one of the Core Yoga classes, you can expect to start with some breath awareness or centring work to help focus your mind.

This will be followed by some simple stretches or strength work to prepare the body for yoga asanas, (postures).

The yoga asana work, forms the main part of virtually all yoga classes and could include flowing postures, sometimes set to music, or maybe holding deeper stretches in a more yin yoga type style. (Yin yoga is described as a slower paced form of exercise, but can be so much more)

Students are always encouraged to connect with what is happening in their body in a deeper way, releasing and easing the body into poses. With the help of a tutor you will learn this important skill. This is perhaps more of a yoga therapy approach and is sometimes referred to as an alternative therapy called somatic experiencing.

In our Core Yoga classes this awareness of your body will form an important part of your yoga journey. as will the use of breath.

image showing the importance of breath and breathing techniques (Pranayama) in Core Yoga classes
  • Breath (Pranayama) will form a constant element of your Core Yoga Class

This asana/posture work, will be then followed by a set time for Pranayama. Please do not worry about the complicated Indian names for yoga techniques, but Pranayama in this case, simply means having a set time for breathing techniques.

Every Core Yoga class finishes with a deep relaxation.


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