Centre…ing and the earthy chakras


At the beginning of a yoga session your teacher will often spend a few minutes encouraging you “to centre”. It’s a phrase we often take for granted as teachers and students, but what does it really mean. For me centring means leaving irrelevant thoughts and feelings aside for my yoga practice, moving out of my head space and into my body so I can really feel what is happening. This is most commonly achieved by breath awareness: tuning into your breath – its movements, feel or flow.

Nature and sense of smell

I often like to bring nature into my classes. Sometimes I bring, or ask students to bring a sprig of scented plant, herb or some smell that holds special meaning for them. Inhaling deeply, guiding your breath to the bridge of your nose, the place of maximum prana absorption achieves this centring role very easily as well as encouraging deep breathing. We then finish with a few minutes stillness allowing any thoughts, emotions or memories to arise.

About the earthy chakras

In our current classes we have been focussing on our earthy chakras. This is very appropriate for connecting with nature. These earthy chakras and colours are:

  • Mooladhara (red) root chakra– located at the base of your spine
  • Svadhisthana (orange) sacral chakra- a few inches above your root chakra
  • Manipura (yellow) solar plexus – located around your solar plexus or lower back

How to…..

When centring or meditating on chakras and colours, close your eyes and visualise your chosen colour, initially it can help to focus on something tangible that you can connect with. Perhaps these images of rose flowers from my garden will help. They are all from one plant – we call this our “Rhubarb and custard rose”. If you feel that your mind is buzzing too much, that you have just walked for the past 10 minutes and not noticed the wind or sun on your face or the trees swaying in the breeze, or perhaps you are wondering where that bruise on your leg came from? These are signs you may need to work with your earthy grounding chakras. Maybe these lovely rose pictures will help? I hope so.


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